Cable Wiring

In a modem office environment, low voltages cables like RG59/60, Cat5e/Cat6/ Cat6a, or next gen Fiber Optic cable are must-need for business. A hardwire based Network is not only just delivering fast data transmission, better communication quality, but also more safer and reliable against cyber hacking.

Why choose ECS as Cable wiring provider?

Experience. We know cables more than a decade and we meet and even beyond city inspection’s standard. Inspection approved guarantee.

Quality. We all use UL listed Copper Cat5e/Cat6 Cables, Crossing unit project we will use Plenum Cable, ensure your property’s safe.

Fast Responding. No job too small or too big. If you need a phone cable or fax line very soon, or need relocate AT&T or Comcast Modem to different room, or need a quote for a new office or building, just simply give us a call, a field technician will come to you soon to offer you quote or service shortly.

Well Organized. Hassle cable systems in server room? Need install a new Server Rack or Wall mount? We are good at doing Structured Cable Installation with industry high standard.

Here is part of our customers that we were serving their cable wiring project.