Security Camera

We offer full product lines for Security Camera (CCTV) sales & installation. H264, HD-SDI, HD-TVI or High End IP camera System, we are all qualified to service on those.

We have good relationship with local well known security camera hardware distributors, so we could easily maintain our cost and benefit our customer with wholesale price for high quality security camera products. In-house technicians could have flexible schedule to fit for your business needs about installation.

Because our strong IT background, we are not just simply run cables, install cameras. We also do all kinds of port forwarding, firewall rules, cloud storage to help our customer to operate the security camera system smoothly on PC, ipad or mobile devices.

Tons of project we have done like Small café, Resturant, Massage Shop, Clinic, warehouses , up to whole shopping center, stand-alone commercial building or even private hospital. ECS is your one-shop-stop CCTV system providers in major Houston area.

Technicians also master in mounting TV, installing in-ceiling sound system, Rg59/60 TV cables, Dish network or DirecTV system.