Each phone system quote is built to your needs. Pricing, configuration, and the capabilities are submitted in writing. Each quote contains pricing and configuration broken down by component, a perfect starting place for phone system comparison shopping.

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Automated Attendant
Automated Attendant answers the phone and interacts with callers (for sales press 1, for service press 2, etc).
Call Reporting
Call Reporting tracks and logs all calls which the phone system makes and receives. It can be used to monitor employee productivity and to reconcile the phone bill.
Caller ID
Caller ID allows you to view information about incoming calls. It is not provided on all phone lines; most phone companies will charge extra for this.
Computer Integration
Computer Telephony Integration allows you to use a PC to interact with your phone system – from dialing a number to emailing voicemail.
Voicemail is like an answering machine, but scaled to a business environment. Voicemail is a relatively expensive option so we break up the price of the phone system so you can see the cost with or without it.
Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems are newer and more feature rich.VoIP will often cut costs over time and integrate with your existing computer network.
Battery Backup
Conferencing Unit
Door Phones
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